Customer Support

Taco Bell is a popular chain of restaurants that specializes in spicy Mexican tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, etc. It is a fast-food chain started in 1962 and has become very popular around the world now. It has its restaurants in several countries, and people really enjoy having a quick meal there once in a while.

Most of its restaurants run as franchises, but they have to maintain the food standards set up at Taco Bell restaurants. The Taco Bell chain is dedicated to offering amazing meals to its customers and looking for opportunities to improve. Therefore, they have the TellTheBell Surveys that help them understand the needs of their customers better. Moreover, it also helps them stay up-to-date with the new trends that people would love to see at their favourite restaurant.

However, when it comes to online surveys, there are always doubts and questions in the mind of the customers. Therefore, they have a great customer support service that is available to clarify any issues regarding the TellTheBell customer feedback survey.

The customer support team at Taco Bell is known for offering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. So, if you have any problems while accessing the feedback surveys of TellTheBell, you can get in touch with them immediately. They are extremely efficient and are happy to solve your issues as early as possible.

Moreover, there are several ways of getting in touch with them at your convenience. Following are the details of the Customer Service Support at TellTheBell:


You can log on to Taco Bell and go to the ‘Contact Us page. From there, you can fill in the details and get in touch with them directly.

Regular Mail

You can write a letter and send them through snail mail at the following address:

Taco Bell Main office: 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618

Phone Contact

The customer service contact number for the TellTheBell survey is 1-800-822-6235

Physical Store

You can also go to a store and do your queries. You can find a store near you by going to the website and then finding the locations. You can log on to to find a store near you.

As you can see, there are many ways of contacting their customer service. TellTheBell is always happy to hear from its customers, and therefore, their customer support executives are ready to solve all your problems. Amongst all the means of contacting them, you can choose the ones that are the most convenient to you. However, the fastest way to get in touch is always through the telephone. That way, you can get your queries answered quickly.

Other ways of contacting the customer support of TellTheBell are effective too, but they might take a little longer than a direct phone call. Nevertheless, Taco Bell is always aiming to help its customers and improve its services. So, you can get in touch with them without any hesitation and get all your doubts cleared.